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Emergency Shutdown Valve and Choke Valve Asselbly 4-1/16" 10000PSI, with Pressure Sensing Spool and High/low pressure pilot valve



Item Description

ESDV & Choke Valve Assembly 4 1/16” 10K

Choke Valve

Valve Size:

4 1/16”

Valve Pressure Rating:

API 10000

Valve End Connections:

4 1/16” API 10000 RTJ Inlet x 4 1/16’” API 10000 RTJ Outlet

Material Class:

NACE Compliant



Flow Path

Largest standard arrangement available, i.e; minimum delta P


Manual only


Class V shut off

Choke valve must be fire safe

Choke valve must be bi-directional


Valve Size:

4 1/16”

Valve Type


Valve Pressure Rating:

API 10000

Valve End Connections:

4 1/16” API 10000 RTJ Inlet x 4 1/16” API 10000 RTJ Outlet


Built-in control system, including a built in manual hydraulic pump with Hydraulic reservoir

Modes of Operation

1, To close, Signal from Pressure sensing spool, either HH or LL


2, To close, fusible plug, which is part of the control system built into the actuator


3, To close, solenoid operation, which latches when closed


4, To close, manual operation on the actuator control system


5, To open, manual reset only, by repressuring the hydraulic system manually

Pressure Sensing Spool

Inlet Connection

4 1/16” API 10000 RTJ

Outlet Connection

4” 600# Raised Face

Isolation Requirement

The pressure sensing spool is to be provided with a means to isolate the sensing line

Pressure Switch (Pilot Valve)

HH set at 1000 psi and LL set at 25 psi

General Notes

Temperature Classification P, U Material Class DD, Performance Requirement Level 2. Production Specification Level 2

System shall be painted with one coat of Red Industrial Enamel

System shall be filled with Univis N-22 hydraulic fluid

All wetted parts must be suitable for operation in sour service

All items must be NACE compliant

All materials of construction are to be suitable for Crude Oil and Natural Gas.

In future there will be a water cut of up to 90% plus.

Each unit shall be assembled, and factory tested, delivered as a complete unit.

RTJ gaskets are to be oval stainless-steel type

Hydraulic lines are to be 316 S/S tubing

All Items must be fire safe

All Packing cases to be marked with “For Peshkabir and 4G Project” in 80mm high text

Each unit is to be provided with Mechanical Lock Open Device for the actuator.


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